September 23rd 2019 


09:30             Welcome from the organising committee

Marine Carbon Storage and Processes in the Past

09:30-9:55     KEYNOTE - Tina van de Fleirdt - Imperial College London    

                       Deep sea coral insight into deglacial ocean circulation and implications for carbon storage

09:55-10:10  Nicola Thomas  - University of Cambridge

                       Changes in North Atlantic deep-water oxygen across the Middle Pleistocene Transition

10:10-10:25  Jordan Hemingway - Harvard University

                       Aging and preservation of natural organic matter

10:25-10:40  Sophie Gill - University of Oxford

10-40-11:05  KEYNOTE - Andrew Watson - University of Exeter   

                       Ocean carbon and atmospheric CO2, past, present and future.

11:05-11:30          COFFEE BREAK

11:30-11:45  Shovonlal Roy  -  University of Reading

                       Satellite-based estimation of the fractions of particulate organic carbon-stock held in marine phytoplankton

11:45-12:00  Rosalind Rickaby - University of Oxford

                       Carbon isotopes and calcifiers

12:00-12:25  KEYNOTE - Jack Middelburg - University of Utrecht

                       In-silico exploration of organic carbon dynamics in marine sediments

Carbon movement and storage at Earth's surface

12:25-12:40  Robert Hilton - Durham University

                       Erosion of the terrestrial biosphere and carbon transfer by rivers to marine sediments: Perspectives from the                           Mackenzie River

12:40-12:55  Ed Tipper - University of Cambridge

                       Carbon consumption and release via chemical weathering in the large rivers of S.E. Asia

12:55           LUNCH AND POSTERS

Carbon Capture and Storage

14:00-14:15   Ed Self - Gardline Limited

                        The use of HRS Time-lapse (4D) data for CCS projects

14:15-14::30  Kieran Gilmore - University of Cambridge

                        Trapping CO2 in the subsurface

14:30-14:55   KEYNOTE - Alan James - Pale Blue Dot

                        Putting Something Back​

14:55-15:15            COFFEE BREAK

Carbon dynamics in marine sediments

15:15-15:30   Ke-Qing Xiao - University of Leeds

                        The Role of Minerals in Cryptic Methane Cycling in Marine Surface Sediment

15:30-15:45   Clare Woulds - University of Leeds

                        Short-term sediment C-cycling: Mutualism and competition in sediment respiration

15:45-16:00   James Bradley  - Queen Mary University of London

                        Bio-energetics and the power of microbial life in marine sediments

16:00-16:25   KEYNOTE - Sandra Arndt - Université libre de Bruxelles

                        Ocean alkalinity and carbonate dynamics

16:25-17:45   Wine Reception and Posters

List of Poster Titles

Alec Hutchings   - University of Cambridge - The Use of Molybdenum in Understanding Redox Processes in Modern Salt Marsh Sediments

Craig Smeaton - St Andrews - Coring and Compaction: Best Practice Blue Carbon Stock and Burial Estimations

Molly Trudgill - St Andrews - Pulses of ocean acidification at the Triassic Jurassic boundary recorded by boron isotopes

Lisa Curti - University of Leeds - The role of carboxyl groups in the sorption and stabilization of organic carbon by iron (hydr)oxides: Sorption mechanisms.

Sarah Gore - Cardiff University - The Response of Calcifying Cyanobacteria to Ocean Alkalinity Enhancement

Dan Jones  -  British Antarctic Survey  -  Gaussian mixture modeling describes the geography of the surface ocean carbon budget

Ze Tao -  UCL - Late Miocene deep ocean and mixed-layer carbon isotope record at IODP Site U1338 (eastern equatorial Pacific Ocean)

Daniel James - University of Cambridge - Calcium isotope heterogeneity in shallow sediment from the Gulf of Aqaba and the Iberian Margin

Josephine Clegg and Caroline Daunt - University of Cambridge - TBC

Thomas Croissant - Durham University - Pulsed carbon export from mountain rivers by earthquake-triggered landslides: A reduced-complexity modelling approach

Coralline Hunt - University of St Andrews - Quantifying Marine Sedimentary Carbon Resources: a new spatial analysis approach using seafloor acoustic data, imagery, and ground-truthing data in Scotland

Emily Doyle - University of Cambridge - Measuring sulfur isotopes in dilute ice core samples using ICP-MS-MC

Sophie Gill - University of Oxford - The calcification response of multiple species of coccolithophore to elevated ocean alkalinity

Yuri Artioli - Plymouth Marine Laboratory - Carbon fluxes in the North Western European Shelf: trends, variability and drivers

Jerry Blackford - Plymouth Marine Laboratory - Ensuring efficient and robust carbon storage – marine modelling for environmental monitoring.

Jotis Baronas - University of Cambridge - Carbon budget of the Irrawaddy-Salween river system

Hal Bradbury - University of Cambridge - Insights from calcium isotopes on carbonate precipitation during CCS

Ellen Cliff - University of Oxford - Glacial deep ocean deoxygenation driven by biologically mediated air-sea disequilibrium

Gilad Antler - University of Eilat (IUI) - The Impact of Bioturbation on the Preserved Sedimentary Sulfur Isotope Fractionation